about Dotchyz

Welcome to Dotchyz Group, a place where you can get home-made products eg, snacks, desert and chili. We're dedicated to give you the very best with tasty, delicious and full of nutrients products and exquisite customer service

Founded in 2017 by Dorothy Edward, Dotchyz has come a long way from its beginnings at home surroundings. When Dorothy first started out, her passion for cooking and bringing the best on the table; drove her to change the challenge she and her co-workers having into opportunity, and gave her the impetus to turn the passion and inspiration into to a booming cooking business. We now serve customers all over Dar Es Salaam, and are thrilled to be a part of the Tanzania Women Intrapreneurs in the cooking business.

You won't regret having a test to our best products and experience excellent and satisfactory customer services you can get.

Dotchyz Group is thanking you for your belief in our products.

Owner and Founder
Dotchyz Group